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(By the reader) Why do you predict that one or many catastrophes may be waiting on the horizon?
(By the author) These are perilous times nationally and globally. Military tensions between nations are at an all-time high. Calamities could happen as a consequence of our total dependence on technology and the electric grid. They could be man-made as a result of an EMP strike by another nation, or a civil or economic collapse, or a foreign occupying military force, a deadly nuclear exchange, or sabotage from within by an out-of-control government, etc. They could result from natural disasters, sometimes called "acts of God" by insurance companies, like an earthquake, flood, hurricane, tsunami, asteroid or meteor impact, solar flares, volcanic eruption, snowstorm, disease outbreak, etc.

What would happen to us in such scenarios?
In a moment we would be thrown back to a lifestyle similar to that of pre-electricity Colonial times in the 1700s and 1800s. In those bygone, self-sufficient days people expected to make their own clothes, grow and preserve their food, provide security, shelter and a home to protect themselves and their families from the elements and marauders. They educated their children. Most of this modern generation have no clue how to carry out these basic survival tasks. All modern communication systems would fail. Our society, our nation as we know it, could suddenly lose its anchors, its freedom foundational principles and disintegrate. Dependence on massive electric grids makes us fragile and vulnerable as never before.

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